At Next Gen Services Pte Ltd, we understand that IT relocation is a very critical task for most companies. As a company expands and grows, it not only needs to upgrade its IT systems, but transport them to different locations too. IT relocation is done when a company is shifting to a new site. A move of this sort would require the firm to transport existing servers to the new data centres.

Singapore is an excellent country to take your business to. The growing Asian markets provide numerous opportunities. In case you plan such a move, you can rest assured that all your Singapore IT relocation needs will be taken care of, both securely and confidentially. Professionals at Next Gen Services provide some of the best Singapore relocation services available, and have the capacity to handle many different types of equipment. We can help with specific technology-related relocation, to a full-scale physical transportation of the entire IT infrastructure.

All our relocation services are completely insured. A detailed contract ensures the safety of your equipment during the transport process. Additionally, our relocation services experts work closely with major moving companies, to make sure that the transportation of your IT infrastructure is as seamless as possible. At Next Gen Services, we are aware that even the most minor delays in IT relocation can result in large financial losses. To avoid causing you such an inconvenience, we ensure that the relocation process is smooth, and always on time. Our guarantee is that the integrity of the IT systems is fully maintained through the operation.

Next Gen Services is the one-stop shop for all your Singapore IT relocation-related needs; providing you logistics, man power, packing materials and transportation at highly competitive rates. We always work with top moving companies, ensuring the best services to our clients.

The relocation experts assigned to your project will always provide details on the status of the relocation at any point during the transport process. We work very closely with each of our clients to figure out their unique needs. Our client retention rate stands testament to the quality services we provide.

Our relocation services include

  • Desktop Relocation
  • Server Relocation
  • Network Relocation