IT Security

IT continues to play more important roles in businesses and a greater reliance on technology means companies are increasingly vulnerable to security threats.
The impact of a security breach can be far greater than one can imagine. The loss of confidential information will not only affect business competitiveness and growth but also damage company reputation – a goodwill that companies can take years or decades to establish.



User Activity Monitoring Solution

  • ObserveIT-LogoObserveIT is the leader in user behavior analytics for insider threat detection and enables companies to mitigate the risk of insider threats from business users, privileged users, and third-party contractors.ObserveIT records, monitors, and analyses user behavior across the entire enterprise down to the application field level with zero operational impact. Analytics and scoring identify users who represent the greatest risk, enabling security teams to respond before the business is impacted. Our granular user activity metadata provide a detailed audit trail of all user behavior to streamline investigations and audits.ObserveIT is trusted by over 1,200 customers in 70 countries across all verticals.For more information please visit ObserveIT

Network Access Control Solution

  • infoexpress-logoImproved network security, ease of network access and enhanced productivity and security through heightened visibility. These are what you’ll get with the InfoExpress CGX Solution.As a network security solutions provider, InfoExpress has helped hundreds of organizations, from mid-sized organizations to corporations, around the world, to secure their networks, data and client information.The InfoExpress CGX provides next generation device access, mobile deployment and endpoint monitoring through the use of network access control technology to enhance productivity while strengthening security.The CGS platform hosts NAC applications that streamline and secure BYOD and MDM deployments, guest networking, posture compliance, while preventing access policy abuses.

    For more information, please visit InfoExpress